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Repairing and Replacing Your Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of your car. It stores power so you can start it up every day. But they also have a limited lifespan. If you're having a problem with your battery, getting it diagnosed properly can be key. If the terminals or the cable end are the problem, replacing the battery itself won't help.

Signs that your battery may need service can seem obvious. For example, if your engine won't turn over, the battery is probably to blame. But there are more subtle hints, too. For example, dimmer headlights and…
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The Technology in the Lincoln MKX Improves Visibility

When you are driving on the streets of Silver Spring, you want to be able to see clearly so that you won't get into an accident with another vehicle. In times of rain and snow, you need good vision for safer driving. The Lincoln MKX has technology features that let you see the road clearly.

With the Lincoln MKX, you don't have to turn on the wipers. The wipers come on automatically when rain or snow hits the front windshield. You will be able to see clearly right away. The Lincoln MKX is also equipped with a...
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Convenient Technology: Lincoln Continental

Looking for a new luxury car that has convenient technology features, then look no further than the Lincoln Continental. Below are two features that make it one of the most popular in its class:
  • In-Command Steering Wheel- The Lincoln Continental comes equipped with a steering wheel that was designed with driver comfort and convenience in mind. This feature allows the driver to control the digital display with buttons conveniently located on the steering wheel so the driver can keep their hands on the steering wheel. Not only is it functional the steering wheel is...
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Let Us Impress You With the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid uniquely combines the styling and design of a midsize luxury car with the efficiency of a technologically advanced hybrid vehicle.

This car is one of the most powerful hybrid sedans on the road today, offering an engine with 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The adaptive suspension provides an exceptional ride by using various sensors to monitor and adjust the suspension for the best driving experience. In addition to premium power and speed, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid features attractive styling details such as Active Noise Control, which...
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Use Your Eyes, Ears, and Nose to Test Your Battery

The car battery is the lifeblood of your vehicle, supplying power to get your engine moving and to make sure everything from your lights to your seat warmers is working. If you have a dead battery, you have a big problem. Use your senses to help you spot potential battery problems early on before you're stranded on the side of the road.

Look at your battery to make sure it's not swelling and that you are not low on battery fluid. Listen to your car start in the morning and make sure it's not struggling more than…

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Get Your Oil Changed Half As Much

Drivers who owned vehicles several decades ago were often warned about the dangers of overlooking an oil change. An oil change is still a very essential element of owning any car, truck or SUV. The amount of oil changes you need has changed. Vehicles have improved. Oil has improved in quality. This means the majority of vehicles in the market only need oil changes half as much as they once did.

You might have been told 20 years ago you needed an oil change every 3,000 miles. These days most vehicles can go 7,000 miles or more before…
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Move Over Laws Are On The Books With Safety In Mind

"Move over" laws are a challenge because they are easily overlooked and difficult to enforce, but the truth is that they are in place in all 50 states in one form or another.

It doesn't really matter what is going on up ahead or who is responding to it. Whether it be law enforcement, paramedics, the fire department, or even just a tow truck - the rules state that if there are flashing lights going then you need to try to move over and give them a little more room.

However, you don't ever want to force this. You…
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Winter Wiper Blades for Better Winter Driving Visibility

Do visibility issues make you feel scared, anxious and uneasy any time you drive during the winter months? That's not a good thing. The solution to winter visibility concerns, however, is a piece of cake. It's to look for five-star winter wiper blades. Don't rely on standard wiper blades in the wintertime. This can be a mistake. Standard blades can't compete in the visibility department. If you don't want to have to deal with annoying windshield streaks, winter wiper blades can change your life for the better. They can make you feel at ease. Standard…
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Is Salt The Best For Getting Your Vehicle Unstuck?

Salt has been used on sidewalks and streets for a long time. It lowers the freezing temperature of water so no ice can form on the sidewalks and roads. This makes it a lot less slippery. But when it comes to getting your vehicle unstuck in the snow and ice, salt may not be the best thing to use.

Kitty litter does a very good job of absorbing moisture. After all, that is what its used for. Salt may melt the ice, making the surface under your tires less slippery, but the kitty litter makes the area under the tires…
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Staying Prepared for Trouble Before Holiday Road Trip

Taking time today to plan for your upcoming holiday journey will go a long way in making certain you arrive safely. Keep these holiday travel tips in mind.

Don't forget to make certain the spare tire has air in it. Bring along a few cans of tire fix-a-flat just in case you suffer more than one flat tire and need to get the car safely to a service center.

Try to start your holiday journey closer to midnight because many of the other drivers that have kids in their car will have pulled over already to take a break…
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