Engine Cooling & Radiator Servicing on a Regular Basis

Keeping the cooling system in your vehicle maintained will ensure none of the engine moving parts overheat. These are some of the parts your local service technician will maintain.
  • The radiator hoses must be in good working order and the clamps secure so no coolant can escape the system.
  • Fan belts will be checked for damage and to be sure they are tight enough to operate the water pump and fan.
  • The water pump moves coolant from the radiator to block, and back, and if the bearings fail, the pump fails.
  • The thermostat has to be working properly so that the temperature in the block is regulated at all times to prevent the vehicle overheating.
  • The radiator cap will be checked and fluids flushed and replaced so that those moving parts are cooled properly.
Our team at Koons Silver Spring Ford Lincoln is ready to give your vehicle's cooling system a complete service check-up.
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