Designer Lighting in the Lincoln MKX

High-quality lighting isn't just for visibility. It can also set the mood and add a touch of sophistication. The new Lincoln MKX is available with a beautifully designed lighting system. The popular crossover will use its lights to greet you and create a unique ambiance. We here at Koons Lincoln Silver Spring are very excited to show you around the new Lincoln MKX.

The exterior lighting on the Lincoln MKX has a refined and seamless look. Both the front and rear lights take on an angular shape that makes the vehicle look like it's in motion. When you approach the Lincoln MKX at night with your key FOB in tow, the exterior lights will turn on in a visually stunning sequence. A light mat with the iconic Lincoln logo will also shine on the ground next to the driver's seat.

Inside, drivers in Silver Spring will appreciate the available ambient lighting. Lights are installed discreetly around the cabin. When they're turned on, they produce a comforting glow. The lights can be changed to one of seven different colors.



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