Move Over Laws Are On The Books With Safety In Mind

"Move over" laws are a challenge because they are easily overlooked and difficult to enforce, but the truth is that they are in place in all 50 states in one form or another.

It doesn't really matter what is going on up ahead or who is responding to it. Whether it be law enforcement, paramedics, the fire department, or even just a tow truck - the rules state that if there are flashing lights going then you need to try to move over and give them a little more room.

However, you don't ever want to force this. You won't always be able to get over for every traffic incident and forcing your way over is really just asking for trouble. You could wind up in an accident yourself as a result. And we here at Koons Silver Spring Ford Lincoln don't want to see that. So if you don't think that it is safe to make a lane change, then just pass by slowly and cautiously instead.
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