Steps to Avoid a Blown Tire

Having a tire blowout on your car is both inconvenient and dangerous. A blown tire can cause you to miss an appointment, and it will leave you scrambling to find a way to get back on the road. There are ways to help avoid this situation.

You should always keep your tires inflated to the proper level. Tires that are both under or overinflated can wear improperly leading to a possible blowout. Keeping your tires in proper alignment helps to prevent blowouts. Tires that are misaligned wear poorly and often go flat. Make sure to keep your tires rotated in order to keep the tread wearing evenly. Any weak spot in the tread can cause a blowout.

If you need tire rotation service, or if you need your tire pressure checked, contact Koons Silver Spring Ford Lincoln. The service department can also mount a new set of tires for your vehicle if that is needed.



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