Pay Attention to Your Car's Belts & Hoses

We value your happiness with your automobile. To stay happy with your car, keep up with its maintenance, which includes belts and hoses. Let's discuss those.

Typically, cars include timing belts. These help crankshafts synchronize with camshafts for optimal engine timing. Your car also has a serpentine belt. It moves power from the car's engine to other parts, like power steering or air conditioning. Your car's systems also require coolant and other liquids. Hoses move these fluids. Rubber, and some metal, comprise belts and hoses. These materials crack and wear due to time, exposure and usage.

If your belts and hoses stop working, so will your car. At Koons Lincoln Silver Spring, we can help. Our staff of experts in convenient Silver Spring, MD can inspect your belts and hoses and keep your vehicle in top-notch shape. Visit us today!

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