You can't continue to drive on dirty oil. A car's engine will suffer the consequences of running on dirty oil. Incredibly, some drivers go thousands of miles over the recommended oil change. A totaled engine results. Is driving past the mileage point the only error owners make? No, ignoring the time considerations on oil changes can be just as bad. Oil doesn't improve with age.

Six months is the usual age-out time on motor oil. Once six months pass from the previous oil change, a visit to a garage becomes recommended. Old oil can't do its job effectively. It won't reduce friction well.

No matter what the recommended mileage change point is, don't ignore the time limitation. What if you only drive 1,200 miles on a vehicle with a 5,000-mile change recommendation? Replacing the oil still becomes necessary at the six-month point.

Where's the right place to change your oil in Silver Spring? How about our service department at Koons Lincoln Silver Spring?



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