The Lincoln Nautilus is a great vehicle option for drivers in Silver Spring. The new luxury crossover is available at Koons Lincoln Silver Spring with an advanced steering system. This innovative technology adapts the way the steering wheel feels so that you can always drive confidently.

Every Lincoln Nautilus has Electric Power-Assisted Steering. The system ensures that the wheel is smooth and responsive regardless of the speed you're traveling in. When you're driving slower, the wheel is a bit more fluid. However, when you pick up speed and start driving faster, the wheel is more rigid. You'll be able to make fine-tuned steering adjustments.

The system also monitors the road around you as you drive. Various sensors take constant measurements and make note of road irregularities. The steering system will then adapt to improve your handling. It works well on slippery streets after heavy rain, icy roads during the winter months, and even rougher dirt paths.



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