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Learning About Motor Oil Myths

Did you know that some of the things that you have always believed about motor oil are actually myths? Koons Silver Spring Ford Lincoln is here to make sure that you know what is a myth and what is the truth when it comes to motor oil.

One of the myths that you have probably been told is that oil that is black needs to be changed right away. That is not true. The oil in your car can get dirty and change colors quickly and that does not mean that it is bad. Another myth that you have probably…
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Steps to Avoid a Blown Tire

Having a tire blowout on your car is both inconvenient and dangerous. A blown tire can cause you to miss an appointment, and it will leave you scrambling to find a way to get back on the road. There are ways to help avoid this situation.

You should always keep your tires inflated to the proper level. Tires that are both under or overinflated can wear improperly leading to a possible blowout. Keeping your tires in proper alignment helps to prevent blowouts. Tires that are misaligned wear poorly and often go flat.
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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid's Driving Performance

The Lincoln MKZ is a stylish car in the mid-sized luxury market. It is known for its visually appealing exterior and for its well-equipped interior. The Lincoln MKZ is made in a hybrid model that provides excellent gas mileage and superior performance.

The 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid model features adaptive cruise control with a stop and go feature. The vehicle scans the speed of vehicles ahead, if a speed reduction is required, the Lincoln MKZ slows and resumes speed when appropriate. If you have to stop briefly, it will resume speed when you take your foot off the brake. 
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Lincoln MKT Performance Features: Drivers Love This SUV

Have you checked out the new Lincoln MKT SUV? It's one of the top midsize luxury SUVs on the market today. Compared to some of the other vehicles in the same bracket, the Lincoln MKT delivers more on power but still offers a smooth, comfortable ride. Drivers say that it's worth it to upgrade to some of the premium trims, marking the Reserve as the trim that offers the most value in terms of power and luxury.

The Lincoln MKT Reserve trim comes with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine and a changeable all-wheel drive configuration, meaning that…
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Engine Cooling & Radiator Servicing on a Regular Basis

Keeping the cooling system in your vehicle maintained will ensure none of the engine moving parts overheat. These are some of the parts your local service technician will maintain.
  • The radiator hoses must be in good working order and the clamps secure so no coolant can escape the system.
  • Fan belts will be checked for damage and to be sure they are tight enough to operate the water pump and fan.
  • The water pump moves coolant from the radiator to block, and back, and if the bearings fail, the pump fails.
  • ...
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Repairing and Replacing Your Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of your car. It stores power so you can start it up every day. But they also have a limited lifespan. If you're having a problem with your battery, getting it diagnosed properly can be key. If the terminals or the cable end are the problem, replacing the battery itself won't help.

Signs that your battery may need service can seem obvious. For example, if your engine won't turn over, the battery is probably to blame. But there are more subtle hints, too. For example, dimmer headlights and…
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The Technology in the Lincoln MKX Improves Visibility

When you are driving on the streets of Silver Spring, you want to be able to see clearly so that you won't get into an accident with another vehicle. In times of rain and snow, you need good vision for safer driving. The Lincoln MKX has technology features that let you see the road clearly.

With the Lincoln MKX, you don't have to turn on the wipers. The wipers come on automatically when rain or snow hits the front windshield. You will be able to see clearly right away. The Lincoln MKX is also equipped with a...
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Convenient Technology: Lincoln Continental

Looking for a new luxury car that has convenient technology features, then look no further than the Lincoln Continental. Below are two features that make it one of the most popular in its class:
  • In-Command Steering Wheel- The Lincoln Continental comes equipped with a steering wheel that was designed with driver comfort and convenience in mind. This feature allows the driver to control the digital display with buttons conveniently located on the steering wheel so the driver can keep their hands on the steering wheel. Not only is it functional the steering wheel is...
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Let Us Impress You With the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid uniquely combines the styling and design of a midsize luxury car with the efficiency of a technologically advanced hybrid vehicle.

This car is one of the most powerful hybrid sedans on the road today, offering an engine with 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The adaptive suspension provides an exceptional ride by using various sensors to monitor and adjust the suspension for the best driving experience. In addition to premium power and speed, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid features attractive styling details such as Active Noise Control, which...
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Use Your Eyes, Ears, and Nose to Test Your Battery

The car battery is the lifeblood of your vehicle, supplying power to get your engine moving and to make sure everything from your lights to your seat warmers is working. If you have a dead battery, you have a big problem. Use your senses to help you spot potential battery problems early on before you're stranded on the side of the road.

Look at your battery to make sure it's not swelling and that you are not low on battery fluid. Listen to your car start in the morning and make sure it's not struggling more than…

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